Shania Twain to divorce Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange

Shania Twain, the Canadian country singer, has parted from her husband after 14 years of marriage. She and Robert “Mutt” Lange, 59, a music producer, have a six-year-old son, Eja D’Angelo, and were seen as one of the most successful partnerships in music.

He said: “It’s literally just a growing apart, that’s all.”

A spokesman for Miss Twain’s label, Universal Music Nashville, confirmed the split.

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What makes a man marry?

Find out which factors convince a guy that he’s ready to take his wedding vows. » 4 marriage-makers

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Helio Castroneves, and Julianne Hough (ABC)

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough are crowned champions in the ‘Dancing’ finale. » Mel B. upset

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IT was already known that men find curvy women more attractive and that they live longer.

Now research suggests that women with an hourglass figure are brighter and have cleverer children, too.

The study found that women with large hips and small waists were more intelligent than those with either “apple-shaped” or linear bodies.

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The Sexiest Woman Alive 2007: Part One


She drinks Gibsons, could be mistaken for one of the Judd sisters, and makes a mean lamb chop. Who is she?

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Matt Damon, McDreamy, and Brad Pitt are on the list, but who grabbed the top spot? » Winner is …

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Girl trades car for boobs


Gaynor is a girl who knows what she wants. She used to want her Civic 1.6 VTEC, but now she wants a bigger chest instead. So she is selling the car on eBay to buy the other. Presumably not from eBay, though.

A sure-fire way to get attention for your car auction is to pose with your car – at least if you are a tasty, feisty morsel like Gaynor! “As you can see from the photos, I wasn’t blessed with much on top, and so after years of not having much have now decided to buy myself some”.

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Keeping It Small and Simple


One couple’s modest Oregon getaway is a model of compact green construction.

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In the name of science, the dancers shed new light on female attraction, reports Roger Highfield.

Lap dancers have provided the strongest evidence yet for the controversial idea that women send out signals to reveal when they are fertile and most likely to become pregnant.

During the non-fertile periods of their menstrual cycle, both sets of dancers earned similar tips.

But when naturally cycling lap dancers entered their fertile period they earned significantly more in tips than their co-workers who were on the pill, the team reports in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

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Oh dear oh dear.

Albus Dumbledore, the master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, from Harry Potter is gay and now the whole world has come tumbling down.

Goodness gracious me. What on earth does this matter???

Read about a gay master wizard and just click on, DUMBLEMORE IS GAY.

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