Shania Twain to divorce Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange

Shania Twain, the Canadian country singer, has parted from her husband after 14 years of marriage. She and Robert “Mutt” Lange, 59, a music producer, have a six-year-old son, Eja D’Angelo, and were seen as one of the most successful partnerships in music.

He said: “It’s literally just a growing apart, that’s all.”

A spokesman for Miss Twain’s label, Universal Music Nashville, confirmed the split.

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A hat company has broken a German taboo by advertising its products using an image of Adolf Hitler.

The campaign for the Hut Weber company places the iconic hair and moustache of the Nazi leader next to a bowler-hatted sketch of Charlie Chaplin, star of The Great Dictator, with the caption in English: “It’s the hat.”

The advertisement has generated controversy although …………..

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Fibromyalgia …


“Note: I have removed all replies to this post so that perfectly innocent visitors are not offended by the abuse sent to me (and by my responses – if people abuse me, I tend to descend to their level).

Emails about this post are being filtered serverside – I will never get to see them. Unfortunately, that includes any that might agree with me, or from sensible people who might want to engage in a dialogue, but I’m afraid that can’t be helped.

I joined Fibro Kent last week, and during the first few days contributed over 50 posts – I was, as far as I could tell, the only new member posting anything beyond the introductory message.

Eventually, weird things began to happen…………..

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The FDA reports additional patient deaths are possibly linked to the blood thinner heparin so the company is mounting a recall of all of the drug.

Baxter International Inc. will recall the remaining lots of single and multi-dose injection and it will recall HEP-LOCK products.

Last month, Baxter recalled nine lots of heparin multi-dose after the drug’s use was linked to four deaths and hundreds of mysterious allergic reactions.

Now 17 other deaths are being investigated because of a link to heparin, although the FDA reminds reporters that those patients were already very sick so a definitive cause-effect at this time has not been established.

Well a cause has now been found, the heparin was contaminated….. and maybe this didn’t happen accidentally…………

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What makes a man marry?

Find out which factors convince a guy that he’s ready to take his wedding vows. » 4 marriage-makers

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Town abuzz over UFO

Dozens of Stephenville, TX residents insist they’ve seen an otherworldly object overhead. » What they saw

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Golden Globes: A sorry soiree

Without stars or suspense, the Golden Globes ceremony is an awkward mess. » Short but not sweet

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Man robs bank across from FBI headquarters

A robber steals $370,000 from a bank across from FBI headquarters. » Theft unnoticed for how long?

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SEXY PARIS HILTON and what do I see ……….

Is she wearing a see through blouse or not ???????


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Ford recalls 1.1 million vehicles

A Ford Motor Company assembly worker works on the assembly line of the 2008 Ford Focus vehicle at the Wayne Stamping and Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan October 15, 2007. A congressional deal to boost U.S. automobile fuel economy by 40 percent over the next 12 years could add hybrids and electric vehicles to the road, but more efficient engines and transmissions can also play a large role in meeting the goal, according to industry experts. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

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