NEW DELHI, Nov. 7: US President George W Bush today came under severe attack from the CPI-M, which described him as a “fool” for comparing Russian leader Lenin with the likes of Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler.

“He (George Bush) is a fool. I have heard that a few days ago he said Lenin, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were alike,” CPI-M general secretary Mr Prakash Karat said addressing a function here to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Russia’s 1917 October Revolution.

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HOLOCAUST rememberance

TAMPA – What do Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro and four current Hillsborough County commissioners have in common?

Their likenesses all appear in an ad the Tampa Bay Community Network plans to air this weekend to raise money for a legal fund. The network is suing Hillsborough County over its decision to cut $355,000 in spending for the station from this year’s budget.

“All of these dictators have one thing in common,” a narrator says as the ad opens with a photo of Hitler giving a speech. “They all knew that if they controlled the media, they would control the masses.

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Days after the end of World War II, an American soldier entering the wreckage of Adolf Hitler’s mountain stronghold found that fierce Allied bombing had left the “Eagle’s Nest” in ruins. Nearly everything of value was gone — except for the Fuhrer’s globe.

After beating cancer and burying his wife, Viola, in 2004, Barsamian is finally ready to part with the globe. He’s selling it now, while he’s still alive, so he can personally tell the story behind it and share his experience in the war, says his son, Barry.

The globe is expected to attract bids from $15,000 to $20,000 when it is auctioned Nov. 13.

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At first glance, the letter carefully printed in a child’s hand seems innocuous, nothing more than the expression of a young crush: “I love you so much. Write me — please. Many greetings. Your Gina.”

Well nothing new really, we all know the Germans LOVED their dictator. And lots of them still do.

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