Apple’s big announcement

Steve Jobs kicks off Macworld with the launch of an ultra-thin notebook computer. » How thin is it?

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In 2003, Los Angeles Times photographer Brian Walski caused an uproar when it was discovered that his picture of a British soldier yelling at fleeing residents in Iraq, published prominently by many U.S. newspapers, had been altered.

 Walski had combined two snapshots taken moments apart of the British solider urging residents to take cover as Iraqi forces opened fire. This digital alteration is one of several in recent years to cast doubt on the old saying that the CAMERA doesn’t lie.

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Electronics store secrets

Tech gift shopping advice. (Getty Images)

Don’t hit the stores for your electronics gift shopping without a strategy in mind. » An insider’s advice

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Budget laptops are just some of the bargains you can expect to find on Black Friday. » 5 great gift buys

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How to save your computer if you pour that cup of coffee all over it.
»13 emergency steps.

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Hitting “reply all” on emails or leaving the kitchen a mess annoys coworkers, but not as much as…

Work colleagues who spend their day gossiping, organizing their home lives, or who press “reply all” on e-mails are among the biggest nuisances in the office, according to a survey released on Monday.

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Find Top quality replica luxury watches

These are all real subject lines for spam messages I’ve received today alone. I’ve never been tempted to buy a fake watch from a spammer, but I’ve always wondered what would happen if I really did shell out the $49 for one of these AMAZ1NG R0L3X REPLICAS!!!

Now I no longer have to: we have just bought from a spammer, tracked the money, and reported the results for you to see.

Much to everyone’s surprise, our hero’s item was apparently actually shipped from China to him in Virginia according to shipment tracking information. Alas, there’s a surprise ending, as the post office appears to have lost it only miles from his doorstep.

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 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare heads for an altogether more topical setting: the Middle East.

Packed with graphical detail and chock full of the same intense firefights you’ve come to expect from the brand, this is the biggest military shooter of the year.

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Aftershocks, also called, phantom vibrations are a point of pride in certain circles.

What am I talking about? It is a new phenomenon, which has been termed “ringxiety” or “fauxcellarm.” It happens to stressed out Yuppies who think they go mental when their phone starts misbehaving.

Or better, it starts to communicate with its owner. Nothing better to do guys???

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It’s the relationship you spend more time on than any other. It has deepened even during the past few years. When things go wrong, you become enraged and tearful and attack inanimate objects—but you’re willing to spend hours making things right.

Obviously, we’re talking about your relationship with your personal computer.

Consider this: In a survey earlier this year, 64 percent of Americans say they spend more time with their computer than with their significant other.

Not surprising I would say. When was the last time your computer said it had a headache when your hormones were hitting the stratosphere??

When confronted with a dead computer, 19 percent admitted to wanting to hurl it out the nearest window, 9 percent felt stranded and alone, 11 percent used language normally reserved for special occasions, 7 percent did so loudly, 3 percent did so tearfully and 3 percent additionally vented their wrath on inanimate objects.

Well, what do you want us to do then??? Beat our spouse or our children??? Blimey, is all I can say guys. Now who has actually done this survey???

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