Your tax dollars at work: The US Navy will be spending about $600,000 to redesign or camouflage a 1960s building in San Diego because of complainst that it looks like a swastika when viewed from the air. In the past this might have been a problem only for the occasional air traveler who happened over Coronado island, but with the advent of aerial mapping and visualization tools like Google Earth, everyone can see anything from the sky. In fact, many people have made a game out of finding oddities in satellite photos.

Now it’s one thing to see landmarks like this and snicker over a designer’s missteps 40 years ago (the Navy says it noticed the shape but that it didn’t think anyone would see it from above), but it’s another thing altogether to complain to the Navy about the shape of a building when viewed from space. But people really seem to have the time on their hands: The Navy says it’s been inundated with complaints; enough, I suppose, to justify spending that much money on new structures and extra bushes. It’s the first known case of its kind.

So what will the building look like when the job is done, I wonder? A set of four connected squares? A pinwheel formed from triangles? Post your ideas for what the Navy ought to do out of the wayward swastika here and we’ll see if we can’t pass them along to the powers that be.

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You wait ages for somebody to use common sense, and then suddenly a doctor with a chronic disease, one that actually doesn’t even exist, stands up and says, hey world, here I am. I’m gonna tell you about life on the couch even though there is nothing wrong with ME according to the all knowing medical profession – well actually, do they really know it all???

So let me cheer him on and hope he keeps up his good work and keeps on fighting, because as soon as people say we can measure it all you have to raise your eyebrows.

Simon is a GP living with ME, without making money out of it as his namesake does by shouting from the rooftops how much he knows about this subject. And the harder he shouts, the more I have to think about politicians and others who blow their own trumpets

You can find this GP, or Family Physician at:

Simon Wessely I Know it ALL

Believe me, he is a fresh breath of air in the medical profession so please check him out. Some people even call him a breath of fresh air blowing across the fetid mire that is UK ME politics and a most welcome antidote to Drs Crippen and Rant.

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You only need a teeny weeny amount of money to be in this hitparade.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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